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Good to Know: January 2022

A monthly round-up of things happening in hiring, D&I, and humanity.

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Good to Know! If you are new here, I publish Good to Know on the last Tuesday of every month.

Unlike most posts, Good to Know is a round-up of things going on in hiring, D&I, and humanity with some of my comments. Its purpose is to showcase some of the great work that others are doing and learn from them.

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🤓This week we have🤓

  • It's about childcare

  • Cities with the fastest and slowest job growth

  • Thomas Edison and soup

  • Solid tweets

  • Quick hits


✍️What I wrote this month✍️


It's about childcare

Source: Apricitas

Want more workers? Figure out childcare.

Both of my daughters had their return to school after the holiday break postponed. Thankfully both my wife and I work from home and can afford to have some help during the day. Not all working couples are so lucky.

If we couldn't work from home, I honestly don't know what we would do.


Cities with the fastest and slowest job growth

It's worth noting that the city with the slowest job growth, Honolulu, still grew over 30%...

As Axios points out:

Almost all of the cities in the top ten for job growth have a lower cost of living than the national average... The exceptions are Austin and Phoenix.


Most of the top ten are also cities in warm climates, which have attracted more pandemic-era movers


Thomas Edison made job applicants eat soup🥣

Thomas Edison made job applicants eat soup in front of him. The ones who seasoned the soup before trying it were rejected because they relied on their preconceived assumptions.


🐤Solid Tweets🐤


Quick hits💥


And Finally📈…

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That’s it for me. We’ll be back next week. Thanks again for reading!


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