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Good To Know: November 2021 🧑‍💻

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

A monthly round-up of things happening in hiring, D&I, and humanity.

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Good to Know! If you are new here, I publish Good to Know on the last Tuesday of every month.

Unlike most posts, Good to Know is a round-up of things going on in hiring, D&I, and humanity with some of my comments. Its purpose is to showcase some of the great work that others are doing and learn from them.

Lots to be thankful for,



🤓This week we have🤓

  • The COVID-19 Recession has impacted women more than men

  • Wages are going up

  • Think of a person who leads a hedge fund

  • Solid tweets

  • Quick hits


✍️What I wrote this month✍️

I went pretty deep on inclusion this month and rightly so, it’s foundational. More to come.


👩The Gender Participation Gap📉

Well, not all resignations can be attributed to new business formations or workers seeking new opportunities. Some of the resignations are practical.

Personally, and I’m a bit ashamed to admit this, my wife has shouldered the majority of the childcare responsibilities since the pandemic started. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the female workforce participation decline is due to women taking care of kids who are in and out of school thanks to COVID-19.

To be sure, many of the industries most affected by lockdowns are female-dominated, but women face the double whammy (usually) of childcare responsibilities.


💵The number of companies raising wages is going up 💵

58% of companies are raising wages, that’s the second-highest it’s been in 15 years and I suspect that this number will be 70%+ before we know it.

📈Hope your hedge fund is managed by women and/or minorities📈

Bloomberg reports that “Hedge Funds Run by Women, Minorities Outperform Market Peers” - and that’s been the case for several years running.

Sadly for the private jet industry, the “The Bloomberg All Hedge Index rose 34.4% in the five years through Sept. 30, while the S&P 500 gained 98.7%” - which means that the S&P 500 is way outperforming the broader hedge fund industry. Pour one out for all the hedgies (regardless of their race or gender).

🐤Solid Tweets🐤

The Web3 crowd is coming for hiring.

Finally, Skip The Interview, a service that allows former coworkers to sponsor you (and pay for the privilege) so you can skip the interview at a prospective employer had a failure to launch.

Quick hits💥

And Finally📈…

I have the goal to get to 1,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Why? Because I want everyone to hire more thoughtfully, and the bigger the audience, the better.

Three things you can do to help:

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3. If you think this content is terrible, wrong, or could use a slight improvement, please let me know why and how.

That’s it for me. We’ll be back next week. Thanks again for reading!

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